A Return.

Jan. 12th, 2013 01:31 pm
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     So my first week back to "work" began with a meeting. The content was pretty interesting and necessary, and probably worth a post in itself, but right now I'm thinking about the time before the meeting actually started.

    Everyone in the room was crowded around a circle near the coffee pot, waiting for that first brew to finish, and having a round of compliments on how good everyone looked after getting a month of rest and such until the conversation turned to talking about some TV show. It wasn't a show I knew, and maybe that would have been fine if it went something like:

    "Oh, did you catch Spoiler A at the end of season 1?"
   "Yeah, I hope that Handsome Man A hooks up with Danger Lady B in tonight's episode!"

    But no, it amounted to:

    "Hey, who watches Name of Show?"
    "Oh, me! I catch it when it's on TV, and I'm not studying. Otherwise, I PVR it."
    "Yeah, we just bought the seasons on DVD."
    "Yeah, we got ours on Blu-Ray. The HD isn't much to brag about."
    "My husband and I get it from Netflix."
    "Oh, we started buying it from Netflix-"
    "You don't buy from Netflix, I think you mean iTunes."
    "Yeah, iTunes then."

      After learning so much about every video format ever, I suddenly found the coffee pot's stylish blocky, cheap-looking retro-design much more interesting, which prompted one of the guys to turn around and share my longing gaze, which turned into a fairly simple conversation:
      "Oh yeah, I think we all want the same thing. It's hard getting back from holidays. These early mornings, eh?"
      "I don't know; I wake up at 6am. I only turned my back because you guys were talking about TV shows."

    Anyway, I think the moral is that it's always good to be back.

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