Mar. 8th, 2009

The Bully.

Mar. 8th, 2009 01:00 pm
coniferous_you: (A L'ecole.)
   I was actually talking to someone about writing today, as they are slowly getting through the entirety of Bridge to Sunrise Island. In the second "part" (I never know what to call these things without sounding like a jerk), there's a bully  as a main character. I really like writing bully characters as I feel it's an interesting "type" to write. I usually write girl bullies too. It might be easier for me to relate and maybe that's some tiny part as I've been bullied and have also been guilty maybe of BEING a bully at times, but mostly I just like to show a case of a girl who is angry, who HURTS people, but who isn't irredeemable. Vatusia, the bully character, ends up being the only person with enough guts to do anything about the problems facing the people around her. 

    This person who is reading the story felt a little alienated because they WERE bullied all through school, but I think that's why Vatusia exists. I mean, there's the point that the story necessitated her - but also that, demonizing bullies really just makes it less okay for those same people to express any other emotion. So I guess it locks them into the role they've been labelled with.

   Or maybe I just like to write characters who beat up people for fun  (particularly female characters as society makes that more complicated) AND are really, when it gets down to it, really smart, intelligent and "decent" people. 



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