Jan. 8th, 2013

coniferous_you: (Rainy Day.)
     Now, I love the post-New Year's season at the gym. It's a great time when the regulars blend into the background and there are all these new people to make up stories about as they make their way into their own routines, or speed toward quitting. It's a bit annoying to have to wait in line for every machine, but that's life and there's a definite spike downward after mid-January.

     And I know that it really brings out the oddballs; that's one of the fun parts of it. But while I make no claims to athletic normalcy, there's a new thing that I've been noticed that I admit I don't understand. You see, there seems to be this contingent of new gym goers who, after a hard stint on some machine, will whip out their smartphone and snap a photo.

     If you are thinking what I thought, your first thought is, "what a creep, this person is probably taking pictures of the girls/guys on the elliptical machines" or possibly, "hey there, Narcissist Joe, enjoying those pictures of your own muscles?" Except...it's not that. I admit I spied a little as to what was going on here (mostly to report the people in the former group to the staff), but what I found was that there are a bunch of people not doing either of these things.

     What they are doing isn't creepy or obnoxious; it's fascinating.

     You see, these people I mentioned are turning their phones on themselves and taking photos of their own sweat-drenched face after a workout. What purpose could this serve? Is there some kind of face-muscle training program I haven't discovered? Does sweat really make you look ten years younger?

     Anyway, I'm filing this under "hilarious," sub-heading "insane." Maybe some day I'll ask one of them what's going on with this. 

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