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My epic cleaning-and-purging adventure continues.

I am still disappointed that I cannot burn stuff, but I guess sometimes fire just is not allowed and I have to pretend I understand that.

This purging is very freeing though. I don't feel as weighted down; don't feel as much like I am imprisoned here.

I still wish I had a fire though.

Or a paper shredder at least.

Trying to dispose of old manuscripts is really hard without one evidently.
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If you know me, you probably know that I love baking and also cooking. These are things I know how to do, and making loved ones happy with edible things is just exactly my speed of domestic generosity.

I'm able to happily think up recipes and make them; I never burn anything.


I seem to have this problem with burning everything else.

Today I tried to make a toasted sandwich with various spices and arcane vegan stuff and I guess onions.

Did the sandwich end up delicious? Yes.

However, I also ended up burning my hand on the pan when I took the bread out of the oven from broiling the vegan cheese on top of it. Then I set the pan on top of the oven and it fell over and I had to catch it and I burned my hand again.

I burned my hand a third time when I realized I'd moved the pan onto the still active burner I had been using to cook the arcane vegan stuff and the various spices and I guess onions.

I also burned the pan, of course.

And then I got wise and used a pot holder to take the pan off the element. Except then I also ended up burning the pot holder when I left it too close to the element while I was putting cold water on my hand.

It smoldered while hanging and, well, at least I put water on it, right?

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