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Basically what happened was I worked like three six day weeks in a row and then I got sick again and I am trying to learn from my mistake but it's hard because I KEEP FALLING ASLEEP

However, the following also happened in my class on Monday:

One of the participants touched my hair and I don't know why but that makes me end up like "AHHH DON'T DO THAT WHY DID YOU DO THAT?"

I regretted that even before he started crying, but then he said, "I'm so sorry. Do you still like me? Are we still friends?"

And I was like, "Yeah man, we're cool. I just don't like that. Know what I do like though? Hugs!"

He said, "Really? Can I give you a hug?"

I nodded; we hugged.

Then this other participant was like "I wanna hug too!"

So we had a group hug because why not.
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To anyone reading this (as always, assuming you exist),

I'm not dead, mostly. I'm really restraining myself from posting my various musings and such on here, as this IS exam season. Even now, I'm procrastinating from the score of papers, quizzes, and other such grave business that I really must attend to. I'll probably post periodically during this joyous season *groan*, if only to slow my progress down a path to being so inundated with work that I inevitably become insane.

To all those who are in the same situation now, I wish you good luck, vibes, wine, music, pizza, et cetra.


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